La Marciana Blanco

Marciana Blanco is the result of our desire to work with the indigenous varieties of La Rioja, which are ideal for our terroir and our Mediterranean climate: Garnacha Blanca and Tempranillo Blanco. We wait one month longer than normal to harvest our grapes by hand. As with all our wines, the grapes are placed into small boxes and chilled for at least one night at a temperature of 3ºC.

Then they are carefully sorted by hand before going to the press. The must ferments in very fine-grained Burgundy oak barrels, where it remains until the end of June. Marciana Blanco is a gastronomic wine for ageing that evolves and gains in complexity with time.

La Marciana Blanco

Every year, a
new adventure.

Production: 1.007 bottles
Weather: a year marked by unusual rainfall and hard work in the vineyards.
Harvest: Tempranillo white on 15/09/2020 – Garnacha white on 01/10/2020
Specificity: a year of lower alcoholic content but very good balance and good fruit

Download the technical sheet La Marciana Blanco 2020

Blanco: 2021
Production: 1.180 bottles
Climate: a year marked by a cool summer but a very good maturation
Harvest: 09/09/2021 and 29/09/2021
Specificity: a very good year of rather mineral wines

Download the technical sheet La Marciana Blanco 2021

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