The story of a meeting between lovers of great wines

Bodegas La Marciana is the result of a meeting between a Franco-Austrian couple, passionate wine professionals, and a family with a long tradition of winemaking in Andosilla, Rioja.

Philipp and Nadine /

Philipp and Nadine have always dreamed of creating their own grand cru. He, a German-Austrian oenologist trained in Bordeaux, and she, a Parisian trained in communications at the Sorbonne and the Bordeaux Institute of Oenology, have been immersed in the world of wine all their lives. With 35 years of tasting wines from across the world between them, they were instantly enchanted by the magic of this exceptional plot.

Andrés, Ramón and Álvaro /

Andrés is pure passion, love of his vineyards, of his environment, with an absolute respect for natural cycles and love of biodynamic agriculture. Ramón is methodical in the cellar, aware of the quality of each grape and with the necessary experience to make the most of each variety. A symbiosis between brothers, a perfectly synchronised team, to which Álvaro has been added, a new breath, a complementary vision.