La Marciana Rosé

La Marciana Rosé faithfully follows the principles of La Marciana: it is unequal! It is a gastronomic, complex and mineral wine that is released in its second year, as it needs a little ageing to reveal its potential. The grapes are harvested by hand a month later than usual in our area, in small crates, and then cooled for at least one night at a temperature of 3ºC.

Afterwards, the grapes are carefully sorted on the selection table before being transferred to the tanks for immediate bleeding. No press wine is used. Part of the must ferments in very fine-grained French oak barrels and another part in stainless steel tanks. It remains on its lees until June.

La Marciana Rosé is a special wine that evolves and gains in complexity with the passage of time in the bottle.

Every year, a
new adventure.

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