Alma de la Marciana, the little sister

This is the little sister of La Marciana, its soul. Alma is made in the same spirit and with the same winemaking methods and materials as La Marciana. The plots are just a little younger, between 35 and 50 years old.

It subtly combines the strength of Grenache with the freshness of our best Tempranillo.

It is a wine ready to be drunk, with fresh, ripe and silky fruit… a delicacy, just lovely.

Every year, a
new adventure.

Production: 2,033 bottles
Climate: optimal vegetative cycle, optimal maturation, an excellent year.
Harvest:between 30/09 and 08/10
Specificity: an exceptional year

Download the technical sheet de Alma de La Marciana 2019

Production: 6.220 bottles
Climate: a year marked by a cool summer but a very good maturation
Harvest: 22/09/2020 and 01/10/2020
Specificity: a year of very fruity and fine wines

Download the technical sheet La Marciana 2020

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